1. Going camping this long weekend, should probably get round to reading this. #bushcraft

  2. #nohat #helmethair

  3. I’m like out. This is weird. #coffee

  4. Oilskin #drizabone I’m day dreaming of gardening all my life and wearing an oilskin coat during the winter and working in all weather due to smart clothing choice.

  5. radinternetdude:


    Photographer: Izzy Berdan
    Model: Aaron Foster
    Please do not remove credit


    (via mermaidbabe12)

  6. I’m so happy

  7. It’s disturbing that Facebook recommended this to me and that it’s got 6 million likes. #atheist #thereisnogod

  8. Kooyong station is beautiful at dawn.

  9. Hhhhmmmm sus?

  10. #joanwashere