1. Today’s book recommendation, I’ve listened to the audiobook today and its a great collection of detailed blurbs. Almost a quick over view of many psychological ideas. What I’ve learnt is that I’m not in control of my brain :p yet.

  2. I’m a hero

  3. Today’s morning motivation is thought to you by the letters R, A, T and M. Funny fact, before I’d ever listened to RATM I imagined that this album could be a rock opera about a boy called Evil.

  4. This has been the perfect warm up music choice.

  5. Effective use of my time in class.

  6. I cant wait to read this Batman. They should make a movie of this.


  8. #lookslikeadick #dicks

  9. The recipe called for salt….

  10. Carrot on the tram like a badass